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The Weekend

Being a kid doesn't hold you back from making a difference in your community or world!




The Weekend Bag Program, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created and run by Isobel, now a freshman at Loyola University New Orleans. Five years ago, Isobel, was a freshman at Newton High School and was excited as any other kid to begin this new adventure called High School. School was great but as the weeks went by, she started to notice..


how many meals does the weekend bag, inc. provide for the school year to the schools in sussex County, NJ?

There are a total of 61 kids in the program and each child received 6 meals for the weekend, which totals to 366 meals a week. Each month 366 meals a week is 1,464 meals. For the ten month school year The Weekend Bag, Inc. distributed 14,640 meals.


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